Skincare and well-being philosophy born in Joshua Tree, CA.


Made from food grade, pure ingredients, our unique formulas were created to detoxify, nourish and protect all skin types against the harsh desert elements; dry air, wind and sun. Using indigenous, organic and wild-crafted ingredients, our products are carefully blended in a living biodynamic pharmacy.

In harmony with nature, surrounded by infinite views and remote rock mountains in the heart of Mojave Desert, we honor the ancient Medicine and its people whose grace and connection to the Planet remain an inspiration in today's world.

Our holistic approach continuously passes the test of our friends and family (much to their excitement), throughout the changing seasons and in extreme weather conditions. All products, bespoke facials, body & soul treatments, and nutritional guidance are based on sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients and philosophies that are rooted in nature yet validated by science through continuous research.


Thank you for your interest in my work. I am so happy to share my studies, experience and love with you.

My path of study and research has brought wisdom from several schools of thought- Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic science, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, cognitive therapy, Native American energy medicine, Eastern European and Mongolian medicine traditions and various release-and-shift techniques for body, mind, and soul. These resources have allowed me to share methods for well-being and age-reversal for over 15 years- formulating a universal, comprehensive and intuitive approach through teaching and consultation.

6 years ago, I was guided to the town of Landers in the Mojave Desert of California to deepen my Yogic path through devotion, silence and solitude. While living in the desert, I began working with Native medicine, tradition and plants, and apprenticed under a Native American elder healer there. I also had the honor of working as a sound therapist with the use of quartz bowls in The Integratron while studying under Nancy and Joanne Karl.

I continue to treat clients in Mojave Desert and in Los Angeles where I hold a bi-monthly residency at Ay’am, a tea meditation center devoted to supporting the conscious collective by hosting workshops and sittings, holding space for facilitators and teachers and by promoting women-owned brands.

May we all grow together and nourish each other.

With Love,