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Hunter Gatherer Bucket Bag in Black


The Hunter-Gatherer Bag is inspired by a 3,000 year old tradition that still happens daily on Japan’s Shama Peninsula. The “Ama” or female divers of Japan, dip 30 feet down, dressed in white to ward off sharks. They hold their breath for a full minute, while collecting oysters and other shellfish. Some Ama still dive in their 80s. 

The shape of this bag lightly mimics the wooden buckets these divers fill with food and oysters. Sometimes those oysters contain the world’s most celebrated sea jewel—a natural pearl. 

We think of the Hunter-Gather Bag as an homage to these pearl divers, who are strong enough to feed their families and fearless enough to brave the dark waters, just as their ancestral matriarchs did. 

Hunter Gatherer Bucket Product Description

We designed this bag as a tribute to strong, fearless women everywhere, but particularly to the incredible Japanese pearl divers, whose courage and skill nourishes both their families and their exquisite culture. 

The Hunter-Gatherer Bucket measures 14” x 14”x 10”. It’s made of rigid leather, fully lined, with a streamlined presentation and partitions to keep your belongings organized. There’s an inner pocket for your laptop, a laundry-style closure with a soft leather drawstring, and a deep zippered front pocket for your phone and keys. The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable, with dark nickel hardware. This bag is made from natural, unprocessed eco leather and shading may vary.