Mojave Desert Skin Shield

Stay Radiant 18K Gold Chain


Presenting your daily reminder to glow like the sun! This 18K Gold pendant celebrates your inner light and asks you to follow where she leads.

The Stay Radiant Chain is about lifting your arms to receive the radiance of each day, even as you take shelter from the heat under the tent of self-care and connection.

This pedant measures 3/4“ x 1/3”, and the chain measures 20". The elegant design is inspired by a Joshua Tree beneath a protective shield, all of it inside a perfect oval—a universal symbol of wholeness and infinity.

The Mojave Desert’s distinctive Yucca brevifolia reminded 19th century settlers of the ancient story of Joshua, who raised his arms in prayer and thanksgiving, after leading his people to the Promised Land. The Joshua Tree represents faithfulness and a sacred covenant. We all have promises to keep, to ourselves and to the planet. This pendant is a reminder that before you can nurture others, you must nourish your own unique luminescence.

Also available in Sterling Silver