#09 Chaparral Body Mist

#09 Chaparral Body Mist & Deodorant.jpg
#09 Chaparral Body Mist & Deodorant.jpg

#09 Chaparral Body Mist

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Deliciously balanced, fragrant and refreshing blend that is both natural and effective as a deodorant and whole body scented mist.

Use as a deodorant as often as required under arms and all over body.

Shake before use.


Alcohol, Witch Hazel*, Rose Water*, Peppermint*, Grapefruit*, Sage*, Rosemary*, Jasmine* Plant Essences

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Hand-blended. Vegan. NonGMO. Tested on our friends, children, and pets.

Natural sediment may occur in all products, shake or swirl gently and if possible, refrigerate in the hot months. Suitable for all skin types.



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