Mojave Desert Skin Shield

The Protect & Detoxify Bundle


This bundle has intense detoxifying therapies for the mouth and provides a protective barrier for your skin's overall health. We have created this bundle that features our 4oz Organic Chaparral Mist for your skin's protection and hydration and our 4oz Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil that will detoxify gums, tongue, cheeks and remove buildup and rejuvenate the surface of your teeth.

Detoxifying Pulling Oil 4oz

At Mojave Desert Skin Shield, we have delved deep into the research of Ayurveda to create our own combination, best oil for pulling. 

The Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil is composed of high quality plant essences and oils, utilizing the best coconut oil for pulling, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, as well as traditional sesame oil pulling.  The result is a flavorful blend that effectively cleanses the mouth of toxins while also supporting the removal of stains and buildup. 

Additionally, this oil pulling detox retains its ingredients’ soothing properties to gently rejuvenate the gums and teeth.  With refreshing notes of peppermint, clove, and grapefruit, our Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil is a delicious way to purify the mouth and body.

Purchase of our Pulling Oil includes a small cup, as well as a copper tongue scraper.

Gently swish around ¼ fluid ounce and pull between teeth for up to ten minutes.  Spit the oil to discard; do not swallow.  Follow with tongue scraper if desired.

Organic Chaparral Mist 4oz

It’s desert rain in a bottle, great for quenching dry skin and can be used as often as needed. Delicately fragrant with chaparral jasmine, rosemary, and rose, it feels just like the end of a summer rainfall.

Use as a toner after cleansing and as a moisturizing mist throughout the day.