Mojave Desert Skin Shield

The Refresh & Rejuvenate Bundle


This bundle contains two bottles of our 4oz Organic Chaparral Protective Mist, also known as "desert rain" in a bottle...its that refreshing and hydrating! We combined two bottles because this mist will be a go-to during dry winter months when your skin needs a protective barrier to harsh elements. During the summer, your skin will be parched and in need of constant rehydration that can be done on-the-go. You will carry these products everywhere because hydrated skin, is glowing flourishing skin.

4oz x 2 Organic Chaparral Protective Mist

Its desert rain in a bottle, great for quenching dry skin and can be used as often as needed. Delicately fragrant with chaparral jasmine, rosemary, and rose, it feels just like the end of a summer rainfall.

Use as a toner after cleansing and as a moisturizing mist throughout the day.