Mojave Desert Skin Shield

The Restore & Rejuvenate Bundle


This bundle contains our hydrating Nourishing Oil (our hero skincare product) and rejuvenating Detoxifying Pulling Oil - a product that acts exactly like a natural and organic mouthwash.

These two products will become your daily wake up routine. In the morning you will reach for the Nourishing Oil to rehydrate parched skin - it will wake up your skins surface to a warm glow while gently nourishing deep into skin's dermis throughout the day - calming irritated or inflamed skin.

Our Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil will be the item you reach for next when you want to refresh your gums, tongue and cheeks with a light minty taste. Swish, swish swish until the oil turns watery in your mouth and reap the benefits of a refreshed mouth that has been fully detoxified of harmful bacteria that has built up throughout the night hours.

Organic Nourishing Oil 2oz

This versatile, complex formula combines high-quality organic, cold pressed ingredients to create an oil that is of the finest in desert skin care. Our Nourishing Oil is deeply moisturizing, soothing, and strengthening; a true skin shield against aging, harsh elements, and free radicals. Featuring camellia oil for skin, avocado, parsley seed, sea buckthorn, and apricot kernel oil, this blend includes a variety of vital nutrients and fatty acids to make it one of the best oils for anti-aging. Also an excellent cleanser, Nourishing Oil can be used to support protection and nourishment of the skin by both day and night.

 For cleansing, apply to dry skin and massage gently in a circular, upward motion. Wipe clean with a warm towel to moisturize. Repeat if needed. Recommended as the all-in-one 10-day skin detox protocol. 

 For hydration and protection, apply two to three layers to clean dry skin, patting the oil into the skin by moving fingers upwards. At bedtime, apply a final thin layer and allow oil to absorb on its own.

Detoxifying Pulling Oil 4oz 

At Mojave Desert Skin Shield, we have delved deep into the research of Ayurveda to create our own combination, best oil for pulling. 

The Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil is composed of high quality plant essences and oils, utilizing the best coconut oil for pulling, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, as well as traditional sesame oil pulling.  The result is a flavorful blend that effectively cleanses the mouth of toxins while also supporting the removal of stains and buildup. 

Additionally, this oil pulling detox retains its ingredients’ soothing properties to gently rejuvenate the gums and teeth.  With refreshing notes of peppermint, clove, and grapefruit, our Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil is a delicious way to purify the mouth and body.

Purchase of our Pulling Oil includes a small cup, as well as a copper tongue scraper.

Gently swish around ¼ fluid ounce and pull between teeth for up to ten minutes.  Spit the oil to discard; do not swallow.  Follow with tongue scraper if desired.