My signature treatment is a 90-minute long holistic approach- recognizing the skin as a connector and a vital information map. Such an approach allows adjustments on many levels. I share wisdom in these treatments to equip and empower my clients with self-care techniques that can easily enhance and become a part of their daily life. Each session includes a treatment of eyes, ears, hands, feet, shoulders, a general body alignment and more, as is often required. The whole body treatment allows deeper focus on the organs and systems.

I also blend organic skin care products and create individual skin medicine by utilizing (often) wild-harvested, (always) botanically and energetically clean, primarily edible ingredients.

All of my products are freshly prepared in small batches at my pharmacy in the desert and I add custom made products and elements according to your specific needs. In addition, I may use LED lights as “tuning forks”, ultrasonic tools and the sound current of voice, yours and my own.



Facial Healing Session

-Intention and breath work, oil pulling, eye wash, hot herbal compress, mineral cleanse, Vitamin C brightening treatment with Collagen booster, Mesquite Honey & Earth Mineral Mask, Olive Leaf Skin Nutrition application, Bio-Vital Release Point Massage on Face, Neck, Shoulders, Hands and Feet, Anti-Oxidant skin bath with the use of sonic plate,  LED Red Light Treatment, scalp massage, lymphatic drainage, sound therapy.  

60 / 90 min


Crystal Clear Whole Body Healing Session

-Lymphatic brushing , deep layer release point work, MD Skin Shield Body Replenishing Massage, Hot Crystal Therapy with elements of Marma (adjustment of energy centers located throughout your body).

90 min

Face & Body Healing Session

-Combines the facial and body healing sessions into a comprehensive 200-minute treatment.

Skin Shield Immersion

-A highly transforming, whole day immersion experience for mind body and soul lovingly arranged for you at the privacy of your home- includes a guided morning meditation, Ayurveda therapy, one-on-one Yoga class, nutritional guidance, herbal tonics, wellness juices and blends prepared freshly throughout the day, lunch and dinner, face treatment, body treatment and a Bio Field reading and consultation. You can be as involved and active as you wish, everything I know can be shared with you, or take a day off from the world and allow us to fully immerse you in our deeply nourishing and rejuvenating experience.

-This immersion is also available at Temple House Landers, home of Skin Shield in the Mojave Desert or at a location of your choice by arrangement.


Bio Field Life Coaching & Clearing Consultation

-Over the last 15 years, MD Skin Shield has been working with clients via workshops and one-on-one sessions to gently shift stagnant points and add guidance with the use of Intuitive Bio-Field Reading, Zen Tarot Cards, and therapeutic conversation. If you believe you would find this useful, I would be most honored to share this time and insight with you.

120 min.

Follow up phone call included.


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