Mojave Desert Skin Shield

Chelsea Boots Black Leather


Dating back to Victorian England, the Chelsea Boot gained its true popularity in mid-century London at the height of the Swinging Sixties’ mod culture.  Often found roaming Chelsea’s iconic King’s Road, this classic boot was beloved by artists, musicians, and philosophers alike; people dreaming of a different world.

Inspired by these roots, our Chelsea Boot was created to pay homage to the fashion’s rich cultural history.  Designed in the Mojave and cobbled in the United Kingdom, our boot balances desert utilitarianism with the sleekness of this vintage style.  Available in black or white leather, the boot’s sturdy elastic side panel allows it to be pulled on or off with ease while its thin, embossed leather sole remains smart and chic.

Universally loved for its simplicity and timelessness, the Chelsea Boot has remained a staple in fashion for decades.  With cultural origins steeped in innovation and style, this boot was designed to honor the Chelsea’s past as a new generation of creatives and thinkers rise to take their stand for the future.