Tao Tea Meditation


This traditional tea meditation, otherwise known as a tea ceremony, stems from the ancient ritual of “Kung-fu tea” and has origins in China and Taiwan. You are invited to participate in a silent sitting, where you will be served traditionally-brewed, rare teas, often from several hundred-year-old tea bushes, which grow wild at high altitudes in remote parts of the world. This type of thoughtful and intuitive connection with the plants often opens an opportunity for deep self-reflection and furthers our connection to the planet. This offering can be as intimate as two and as large as twelve, by individual arrangement upon inquiry.


CEREMONIAL TEA-SITTING Tea-sitting usually starts with guided breathwork and intention setting, and is followed by silence, yet often concludes in meaningful conversation. We adhere strictly to traditional methods created by monks in an ashram in Taiwan. This ashram was devoted to cultivation and propagation of tea, its philosophy, and its medicinal properties. Just like in our skincare treatments, the water utilized in our ceremonies comes from an aquifer on our beloved desert land and goes through custom filtration, as well as a quartz-crystal charging process.

We offer Tea Meditation for individual clients and groups of up to 4 at our Wellbeing Space. We can also serve tea at a location of your choice by special arrangement, for a group of up to 10. This unique practice can be combined or added to our other offerings.

Please contact us directly for location options and pricing at our Wellbeing Space in the high-desert of Pioneertown.



For group bookings, please fill out the request form here.