Tao Tea Meditation


 This traditional tea meditation, otherwise known as a tea ceremony, stems from the ancient ritual of Kung Fu Tea, with origins in China and Taiwan. You are invited to participate in a silent sitting where you will be served traditionally-brewed, rare teas, often from several hundred-year-old tea bushes, which grow wild at high altitudes in remote parts of the world. This type of thoughtful, intuitive connection with the plants opens an opportunity for deep self-reflection and furthers our connection to each other and the planet.

Just like in our skincare treatments, the water utilized in our ceremonies comes from an aquifer deep beneath our beloved desert land and goes through custom filtration, Ayurvedic copper & prill bead treatment as well as quartz-crystal charging process.

We use custom filtered, structured and hydrogenated water in all offerings ant our Los Angeles studio and elsewhere outside of the Mojave Desert.

At our Wellbeing Space, we welcome individual clients and groups of up to 10. We can also organise ceremonial tea sitting at a location of your choice by special arrangement. This unique practice can be combined with, or added to our other offerings.

Please contact us directly for options and pricing for events at the space of your choice. To book a session at our Wellbeing Space in the High-Desert or in Los Angeles, please look through the options below. 


For group bookings, please fill out the request form here.




I had the most beautiful and healing experience with Patricia. From the start with the out door infrared sleeping bag, delicious water from her well, oil pulling, and the rosewater eyewash, I knew I was in for an ultra experience. I experienced a symphony of birds married with nature all communing with the enormously fabulous sound bowls played by Patricia. I have not stopped telling friends, and family about the depth of this fantastic self care experience. Beyond grateful.



I loved the sound therapy, I felt both relaxed and energized at the same time. It was a wonderful experience 💜 thank you



My friends and I had the most transformative and restorative experience at Mojave Desert Skinshield. Patricia has cultivated the most magical well-being space and products that surpassed our expectations in every way. I am forever grateful for Patricia and what she shared with us and hope to return soon.



I had a most fantastic treatment with you that I'm happy to write about!! It was such a moving experience, "facial" doesn't come close to capturing it. It was beyond!



Each and every experience with the beloved Mojave Desert Skin Shield has multidimensionally impacted my spirit and soul. With each treatment, each product and offering, I have grown closer and closer to my core. In treatments over the years, I have experienced everything from emotional release, hormonal balance, ancestral healing, traveling to past lifetimes, internally traveling through my subtle bodies.. and each time I met myself exactly where I was supposed to be. After each session with Mojave Desert Skin Shield, I would always leave with the most beautiful products to maintain my alignment with my path to self mastery. Each product was so divine. It reminded me of my sovereignty. I felt held by the herbal allies, nature's gifts and the incredible formulation of each product. It went beyond a simple ritual, using Mojave Desert Skin Shield was the ultimate act of self compassion each time I went to explore my physical body's needs. Over the years, the teachings of each session and the lessons I have learned from using Mojave Desert Skin Shield products have offered me beams of light and daily moments of celebration and nourishment. Most importantly, Mojave Desert Skin Shield products remind me that the light always prevails



My experience with you was transformative; I entered my appointment thinking I needed great faced with not only the beauty but also the darkness. Your touch anchored me to the physical and I rode your subtle hums deeper within myself. I felt an internal tug of war between my fears and anxieties and my greater belief in being safe and secure in where I was. You were so intrinsically connected to what I needed in those moments and I truly treasure that session out in the desert.



I spent the afternoon receiving deeply healing soul nourishment at Patti's oasis. My facial took me to another realm, soaking in the outdoor tub with sweep desert views relaxed me deeply and hearing the sound bowls let me drop down and in to a deeper part of myself. Patti is magic and her work is transformative. Also, I love patti's products bc I know they are made with deep intention and love. In a world of a thousand face oils, her products standout for their efficacy and integrity. I looooove the desert nectar serum and the pulling oil.



I discovered Patricia’s work through my friends and I am so glad I did! We booked a private Sound Bath with her, not only is the setting breathtakingly beautiful but it is clear that Patricia is spiritually aligned with both the setting and the work she is doing. The whole ceremony was incredible and we walked away knowing we had been part of something very special. I would recommend booking right away!!