What our clients say



"Patricia! Thank you so much for the beautiful experience this past Saturday. It was truly one of a kind, and deeply needed for the entire group. All of my friends were blown away by your work and one in particular who has done over 8+ sound journeys was left in awe and shared that it was the best she had ever done. Your generosity and hospitality made it that much more special for all of us, and I cannot thank you enough!"



My friends and I had the most transformative and restorative experience at Mojave Desert Skinshield. Patricia has cultivated the most magical well-being space and products that surpassed our expectations in every way. I am forever grateful for Patricia and what she shared with us and hope to return soon.



We loved our Sound Therapy experience. It was heart opening and a true gift to experience the space, sound and mediation.



Love love love!!! When you use MDSS products you will want to upgrade your whole skincare routine! You can feel the thoughtful detail and careful crafting that was poured into each product using all natural ingredients. I don’t want to use anything else! MDSS has created a real change in the way I take care of my skin and it’s overflowing into the way I live my life. If we all lived with this kind of intention, we really could change our world.



A friend gifted me your wonderful hand salve. The quality of the product is very pure and the scent is truly evocative of the desert. I love it beyond. I was so impressed, I asked Patricia if she could put together a custom lotion for my sister who has recently been struggling with new and serious psoriasis condition and she cannot tolerate much on her sensitive skin. Patricia not only created a special item but put together a wonderful basket. My sister loves all the products and they have been very soothing to her



I had a most fantastic treatment with you that I'm happy to write about!! It was such a moving experience, "facial" doesn't come close to capturing it. It was beyond!



I would be more than happy to RAVE about your products. The Desert Nectar and Oil are truly incredible and I use them daily



Each and every experience with the beloved Mojave Desert Skin Shield has multidimensionally impacted my spirit and soul. With each treatment, each product and offering, I have grown closer and closer to my core. In treatments over the years, I have experienced everything from emotional release, hormonal balance, ancestral healing, traveling to past lifetimes, internally traveling through my subtle bodies.. and each time I met myself exactly where I was supposed to be. After each session with Mojave Desert Skin Shield, I would always leave with the most beautiful products to maintain my alignment with my path to self mastery. Each product was so divine. It reminded me of my sovereignty. I felt held by the herbal allies, nature's gifts and the incredible formulation of each product. It went beyond a simple ritual, using Mojave Desert Skin Shield was the ultimate act of self compassion each time I went to explore my physical body's needs. Over the years, the teachings of each session and the lessons I have learned from using Mojave Desert Skin Shield products have offered me beams of light and daily moments of celebration and nourishment. Most importantly, Mojave Desert Skin Shield products remind me that the light always prevails



My experience with you was transformative; I entered my appointment thinking I needed great faced with not only the beauty but also the darkness. Your touch anchored me to the physical and I rode your subtle hums deeper within myself. I felt an internal tug of war between my fears and anxieties and my greater belief in being safe and secure in where I was.

You were so intrinsically connected to what I needed in those moments and I truly treasure that session out in the desert.



I love this product! It smells so nice and makes my skin radiant. Thank you!



I spent the afternoon receiving deeply healing soul nourishment at Patti's oasis. My facial took me to another realm, soaking in the outdoor tub with sweep desert views relaxed me deeply and hearing the sound bowls let me drop down and in to a deeper part of myself. Patti is magic and her work is transformative.

Also, I love patti's products bc I know they are made with deep intention and love. In a world of a thousand face oils, her products standout for their efficacy and integrity. I looooove the desert nectar serum and the pulling oil.



I purchased a few of your products and really love them. The smell is intoxicating, which is a great way to first experience them. My favorite is the Nourishing Oil. It is so lush and comforting at the same time. And I use the Calming Mask on a weekly basis. It is a ritual for me. Your products are really special and they transport me to the desert - one of my favorite places - every single time I use them.



Desert Skin Shields Nursing Oil is a daily essential for me. Since living in the desert nothing ever seemed to absorb deep enough to give me true moisture for my face. Until I was introduced to this product! Not only does it sink deep into my skin but leaves it feeling silky and glowing all day. What I love about it is l can not only use it for my skin but I have also found to love it as a hair oil as well. It smells great and puts moisture into my hair without leaving it greasy like many other hair oils do. This product is truly everything!



"Thank you for your follow up- I appreciate it! The products did indeed arrive safely and they have been great additions to my skincare routine. My skin is definitely getting healthier and more hydrated as I continue to use them."



“I have become very fond of the Mojave Desert Skin Shield products. I suffer from a skin disease (Darier's disease) that has no cure. One can only find relief with different creams or prescriptions.My face is reddened, super sensitive, dry, and most products seem to sit on top of my skin. I am using the Protective mist, Element toner, Desert Nectar serum and the Replenishing cream. I also use the Element Cream cleanser and the Earth Minerals Honey mask. My skin is really happy and soothed with these products. I also like that the products are handmade and super fresh.”



Nourishing oil delivers

The perfect name for this oil would surely be nourishing oil because that is exactly what it does. Every time I use it I can feel my skin letting out a big sigh of relief. Truly one of my favorite oils for daily use as it’s not too heavy. Feels clean, and leaves my skin feeling smoother and happier than before. I recommend it to everyone.



Nourishing oil

Nourishing! That’s exactly how it feels when I go to use my Skin Shield oil. I usually apply mine in the evening on clean skin, and I get a sense of luxury and self-love when I pour a little into my palm. The moment I take in the holistic aroma it deepens my breath, and I immediately feel more grounded. The oil absorbs deeply into my skin, giving me a natural glowing appearance that I love. I can’t live without it. I recommend it to all my sisters and friends!



“I discovered Patricia’s work through my friends and I am so glad I did! We booked a private Sound Bath with her, not only is the setting breathtakingly beautiful but it is clear that Patricia is spiritually aligned with both the setting and the work she is doing. The whole ceremony was incredible and we walked away knowing we had been part of something very special. I would recommend booking right away!!”



Why is the Mojave retreat different from other places that offer facials and body treatments? I know she also does sound therapy with the bowls, for example

I have known Patti for over 5 years, a common friend felt we had a lot in common in terms of how we saw and experienced the world and introduced us. I started to see her during her visits to LA. I didn’t go to see her for a facial to start with, just a bodywork experience, and I was mostly curious to meet her. The second time I saw her she worked her magic on my face and 4 hrs later I felt like I had seen a healer, a spiritual coach, an intuitive, a massage therapist and a beautician all at once. I knew she was special. I was one of the first client to receive her newly formulated desert products and knew that this girl was going to bring something unique to the over-saturated beauty market. I moved permanently to LA from London this year and was overjoyed to visit her in her new home and Joshua tree retreat. Her cool renovated Spartan is as special as Patti’s treatments. The carefully designed interior is an homage to her love of Japanese interior. The outdoor deck filled with about 18 quartz bowls of every frequency possible. Patti is a former musician and has also worked at Integraton (the most acoustically perfect structure ever built in Joshua tree, where many soundbaths are now held and as I refer it, the soundbath of all soundbath experience) Her playing the quartz bowls is an experience in itself. A bed to lie down and receive the vibrations. A bath to soak in before the journey starts.

What elements of energy healing does Patricia use in her treatments?

she doesnt do energy healing. She starts the facial healing session with an ayurvedic tradition of eye rinsing and pulling oil tongue scrapping, then on to a bit of breathwork and meditation while listening to Patti's intuitive reading and navajo chants. All while she gently works on your face. It is like a working hands meditation and I always go in different realms when in her presence.

What treatments do you have, and why? How do they make you feel and look?

I have done the tea ceremony with girlfriends which was a very peaceful and conscious/mindful experience. I have had many facials and also had a few sound therapy add ons. I even had the pleasure of eating the best miso soup ever prepared for me. The products are amazing and I now exclusively use all her creams, oils and nectars. My little routine starts daily with scrapping my tongue with the copper scrapper and pulling oil. Followed by the eye rinse. Then comes the chaparal nectar which I massage on my skin and then apply some of the day cream. I use a face sculpting tool to activate it all in... My skin is radiant every single day. I also do a few facemasks a week with the sunburst calming mask.

What is the feel of the place? For example, is it comforting?

Her space is very unique as mentionned above. It has been completely designed by her to her precise needs, its very elegant and extremely comfortable, every details make for a very special place. The location is spectacular, off Pipes Canyon, with spectacular views of the rocks and mountains. The vortex around the area has that unique calming effect before you even start any treatment.

She is shy to tell me what her client base is like. Does she see a certain type of person?

I have never met any of her clients and its very much word of mouth. I cant imagine a Beverly Hills high maintenance woman driving 2hrs to spend 3-4 hrs in the desert in a Spartan , having desert plants based cream put on her face ...but then who knows? Because this is more than a beauty treatment in the traditional sense, whoever is loving Patti and her products, has to be needing the healing of the place itself as well as what the treatment will bring...I personally feel it an honor to be her client.

Describe (briefly is fine) a special moment you have had in the space with Patricia?

I came to Patti a few months ago with a skin reaction to a product which (unknown to me) had retinol in it. I ended up with too much sun on my face the next morning and before I knew my skin was burned and peeling. I arrived at Patti's 2 days later and left her place with literally a completely healed face. So the power of those native plants which are in her products are real and deeply healing. That was basically the best way to try it out as my skin is always balanced and beautiful (except for that one trial mistake)