Welcome from the founder


The MDSS Integrative Desert Wellness philosophy is based on a 12 year strong healing practice in one of the harshest environments for the skin on the planet.

The expansive serenity in and around our Wellbeing Space near Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert is at the heart of our approach to health and longevity. 

 To further share all that the desert is teaching us, on January 16th, 2024 we will open doors to our new practice in West Los Angeles, where will hold space for individual and group sessions. We also offer immersions, sessions, lectures and events around the world.

We utilize our own line of Ayurveda inspired, organic skincare products and wellness tools, along with custom blended herbal, mineral and clay preparations, which are selected prior to treatments and freshly blended at our apothecary, according to your specific needs. 

Our treatment protocol is gentle yet powerful, and bridges the highest quality formulations based on ancient Medicine, with various shift and release techniques proven to visibly ease, lift and rejuvenate the skin, the lymphatic, digestive and nervous systems. 

Bowing to the knowledge that light and sound were at the core of the Medicine of the Ancients, and in deep belief that they are also the Medicine of the future, we boost all skin healing sessions with laser, EMS, PEMF balancing tools as well as acoustic sound therapy instruments. Our space is an EMF radiation - shielded room, with purified air and optimal humidity.

Our sound sessions are deep journey-like experiences based on Patricia's  two decade long research, study and continuous practice of music, binaural acoustics, resonance, harmonics and their therapeutic effect on the whole human being. A set of 24 large custom tuned quartz bowls awaits  on the open air acoustic deck, where you will be offered a mineral soak and an amethyst and tourmaline infrared sauna blanket ( accordingly to the seasons ) for the duration of the session. 

Our beloved Tao Tea Meditations are both nurturing for the community bonds as well as the inner being of each participant. This simple yet graceful offering bows to the Global Tea Hut lineage and offers a moment of reflection and release, away from the noise of the modern life. 

 Our philosophy promotes deeper adjustments on many levels and is a wisdom we share during our sessions, that can be taken back home with you.