Facial Healing Session


Our facial is like no other..

We call it a “Fascial,” as it addresses fascia, the miraculous binding film that runs throughout the body just underneath our skin, and even deeper, connecting our organs and tissues. In the face, it is responsible for muscle tone, elasticity, firmness, and overall radiance. It serves as the vital information map and receptor circuit that “holds us together.” This treatment will leave your skin outwardly glowing, and it can encourage better sleep, improved digestion and overall, whole body purification. Such an approach also allows adjustments on deeper, less tangible levels. It’s a wisdom we share in treatments, to equip and empower our clients with self-care techniques that can easily enhance and become a part of their daily life. Our sessions are tailored to each client's individual needs and although they are deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, we bring in the innovation to bridge the modern and the traditional into one cohesive and powerfully healing approach. 


Our signature treatment runs 100 minutes long and includes the face, scalp, eyes, hands and shoulders as well as a combination of techniques and protocols below:

  • Intention, meditation & breathwork
  • Outdoor bath (weather permitting)
  • Oil pulling detox and cleansing practice
  • Ayurvedic eye rinsing practice
  • Freshly prepared cleansing herbal compress applied under warmed crystal calming mask for face 
  • Hydrating treatment 
  • Earth Minerals & Adaptogenics Mask with signature detoxifying massage
  • Nourishing treatment with Desert Nectar Serum
  • Bio-Vital Release Point Massage on face, neck, shoulders and hands
  • Scalp massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Microcurrent / guasha / sculpting wands
  •  Laser Treatment ( massage with dual Lyma light wands ) 
  • EMS therapy for face (electrical muscle stimulation)
  • Cryo therapy mask 
  • Gentle spine decompression and hip release through passive adjustment with bolsters and orthopaedic pillows 
  • Higher Dose Tourmaline & Ametyst Infrared whole body wrap 
  • Sound therapy and with the use of binaurally tuned Quartz bowls, traditional Nepalese brass bowls, organ & tissue specific tuned bells, tuning forks, voice, and other intuitive instruments. 
  • PEMF ( Pulsating Electromagnetic Field ) - all our individual sessions are enhanced with PEMF device 
  • We utilize only pristine, filtered/well water which we structure with the use of Somavedic device. Our water is also hydrogenated and charged in copper vessels according to Ayurvedic principles. 
  • EMF radiation - shielded treatment room with purified air and optimal humidity


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    Patricia was wonderful. The whole experience was inviting and peaceful. She walked us through the meanings of tea meditation, its history, and the items she uses in the meditation. The tea was delicious and the space we were in was beautiful both inside the home and the landscape outside. We enjoyed the quiet and serene location. Beautiful experience.



    What a lovely sanctuary right there in town. I loved how far away I felt from the hustle and bustle and yet it was convenient to get to. I look forward to coming again.



    It was a true pleasure to spend 4 magical days at Patricia's Desert Wellness Space. Every aspect of the experience was a pure delight. True elevated hospitality. I had a clear objective : recenter myself in order to plan ahead with a balanced mind. Patricia and her team helped me through this journey and made it a success. I came out of the experience transformed. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to recenter himself and enjoy the beauty of the Mojave Desert.



    I recently stayed at the Mojave Desert Skin Shield wellness center after reading a brief article about the owner, Patricia, her skin care products and philosophy of wellness. So many positive comments and I was not disappointed. This serene, quiet, out of the way retreat embraced the beauty of the desert both in the indoor and outdoor spaces. Tucked inside a warm, weighted sleeping bag, I enjoyed outdoor sound baths and experienced a deep, deep relaxed meditative state. The Thai massage, also done outside, was therapeutic as well as relaxing. Patricia's facial was tailored for my skin using herbs and ingredients she mixes up and applies in the indoor space of a large vintage trailer. I've had numerous facials but this one was the best one I've ever had! I glowed afterward. And as if these body treatments weren't enough, the tea and cacao ceremonies were powerful, spiritual and offered a deep connection from within. I can't speak highly enough of my experience and the wonderful soulful host, Patricia, and the space she has created. I will surely return to this desert spiritual oasis.



    I had the most beautiful and healing experience with Patricia. From the start with the out door infrared sleeping bag, delicious water from her well, oil pulling, and the rosewater eyewash, I knew I was in for an ultra experience. I experienced a symphony of birds married with nature all communing with the enormously fabulous sound bowls played by Patricia. I have not stopped telling friends, and family about the depth of this fantastic self care experience. Beyond grateful.



    I loved the sound therapy, I felt both relaxed and energized at the same time. It was a wonderful experience 💜 thank you



    Patricia! Thank you so much for the beautiful experience this past Saturday. It was truly one of a kind, and deeply needed for the entire group. All of my friends were blown away by your work and one in particular who has done over 8+ sound journeys was left in awe and shared that it was the best she had ever done. Your generosity and hospitality made it that much more special for all of us, and I cannot thank you enough!



    My friends and I had the most transformative and restorative experience at Mojave Desert Skinshield. Patricia has cultivated the most magical well-being space and products that surpassed our expectations in every way. I am forever grateful for Patricia and what she shared with us and hope to return soon.



    We loved our Sound Therapy experience. It was heart opening and a true gift to experience the space, sound and mediation.



    I had a most fantastic treatment with you that I'm happy to write about!! It was such a moving experience, "facial" doesn't come close to capturing it. It was beyond!



    My experience with you was transformative; I entered my appointment thinking I needed great faced with not only the beauty but also the darkness. Your touch anchored me to the physical and I rode your subtle hums deeper within myself. I felt an internal tug of war between my fears and anxieties and my greater belief in being safe and secure in where I was. You were so intrinsically connected to what I needed in those moments and I truly treasure that session out in the desert.



    I spent the afternoon receiving deeply healing soul nourishment at Patti's oasis. My facial took me to another realm, soaking in the outdoor tub with sweep desert views relaxed me deeply and hearing the sound bowls let me drop down and in to a deeper part of myself. Patti is magic and her work is transformative. Also, I love patti's products bc I know they are made with deep intention and love. In a world of a thousand face oils, her products standout for their efficacy and integrity. I looooove the desert nectar serum and the pulling oil.



    I discovered Patricia’s work through my friends and I am so glad I did! We booked a private Sound Bath with her, not only is the setting breathtakingly beautiful but it is clear that Patricia is spiritually aligned with both the setting and the work she is doing. The whole ceremony was incredible and we walked away knowing we had been part of something very special. I would recommend booking right away!!