Mojave Desert Skin Shield

Cashmere Scarf in Natural


One of the most versatile accessories in clothing, the cashmere scarf is an ancient piece that has been cherished around the world for centuries. With origins in the high-Himalayas, cashmere is known for its impossibly soft, gauzy fibers that provide ample warmth. With this in mind, our Cashmere Scarf was fashioned to protect its wearer from the elements while adding a twist of elegance to any look.

The cashmere for our scarves is sourced from a single-family farm in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Using ancestral, traditional practices, this family has perfected the art of creating the finest knitted and woven goods, passing their techniques down for generations. By utilizing sustainable practices, this family-run business is revered for crafting high quality pieces of beauty and luxury.

Available in both Natural and classic Black, our Cashmere Scarf was designed to be both practical and effortlessly chic. Crafted from lightweight, fine see-through cashmere with a subtle diamond weave, this everyday piece of Mojave clothing is made to last.