Mojave Desert Skin Shield



Synergistic blend of organic herbs that thrive in a dry desert climate of the Mojave Desert; chamomile, rose, lavender, comfrey, lemon balm, blessed thistle, calendula and raspberry leaf to promote hydration and radiance. In our wellbeing space we offer it prior to treatments and sound sessions to help you achieve inner peace and outer glow. Caffeine free. Dry content : 1.5 Oz / 30 g Directions : Steep 2-3 spoonfuls in a teapot and let brew for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy warm or cold on its own, or add either fresh lemon or plant milk & teaspoon of honey. Reuse the freshly brewed herbal pulp by blending it in with your favourite mask or face cream and use it to cleanse and hydrate skin or place it in a cotton pouch and add to your bath.