Mojave Desert Skin Shield

Undyed Linen Spa Pants in Beige


In late-19th Century Thailand, a lightweight, unisex trouser pant began to grow in popularity amongst the nation’s fishermen. Modeled after the traditional sarong, these pants were revered for their breathability, loose fit, and easy style. Due to this, fisherman pants soon became a staple in Thai culture across class and gender, and continue to be a popular garment today.

At Mojave Desert Skin Shield, we have created our own Undyed Linen Spa Pants by drawing inspiration from this timeless, comfortable design. Sewn from undyed, eco-certified Belgian flax, these pants feature one square external pocket as well as one hidden along the seam. Sold in one universal size, the Spa Pants are versatile and can be worn for yoga, sleep, or to simply lounge in.

In a world that so often demands us to move at a fast, relentless speed, it is important to take a breath and revel in the slower pace of life as well. With our Spa Pants, we invite you to indulge in the luxury of comfortability, navigating the world around you with a sense of softness and ease.