Mojave Desert Skin Shield

Alpaca Poncho in Undyed Natural with Leather & Dark Nickel Buckle


The premium, lightweight wool for our ponchos comes from a small single-family alpaca farm in the high mountains of Nepal.

This versatile and stylish piece of Mojave clothing has it all. Throw it on as a light layer to stay cozy, or layer it over a coat for extra protection in the cold. Two buckle positions make for a secure fit and allow it to be worn low around the shoulders or wrapped. The design features a standing collar to keep the desert winds at bay, a very long back, and no pocket. Our ponchos are made of pure alpaca for an effortless, fresh look; fastener features a black leather strap and dark nickel buckle.

Measures 47” long, 54” across the chest, and 41” across the waist. Arms are 18” wide and 16” long.