Mojave Desert Skin Shield

Black Lava Vase


Measurements: H30cm x W17cm (12in x 7in)

Elwira Miezal is a Polish artist based in Pasadena, California. Her years of work as a Hollywood set designer, along with a great appreciation for handmade art, have led her to a creative exploration with clay. She draws inspiration from colors and textures in nature, as well as the shapes of the human body. Elwira strives to balance structure with fluidity in her work, employing organic forms as a reference point. She creates her pieces using stoneware with minimal amounts of glaze, utilizing her bare hands as a tool to allow for a more intimate connection with the materials. 

“I never know what I will make when I come to the studio until I touch the clay. We talk to each other, and everything unfolds as I start playing with my hands. It’s like having a love affair.” - Elwira Miezal