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Alpaca Blanket, Natural


Crafted from the softest alpaca, our pillows and blankets will add an element of warmth and peace to any space; the true definition of a home good.

The alpaca for our pillows and blankets is sourced from a single-family farm in Kathmandu, Nepal. Using ancestral, traditional practices, this family has perfected the art of creating the finest knitted and woven goods, passing their techniques down for generations. By utilizing sustainable practices, their heritage business is revered for crafting high quality pieces of beauty, cherished by many around the world.

Available in shades Natural, Sage, and Grey, these luxury home goods were designed with both elegance and comfort in mind. With the 18x18 pillows as soft clouds to rest the head, our blankets can be sourced in both regular and large sizes, as well as the flowing, generous expanse of a king bedspread. No matter the style, our alpaca goods will transform any space into a dream one won’t want to wake from.